TCC To the Nations

Every human is designed to enjoy God by worshipping Him forever. The great tragedy today is that there are over 2 billion people in the world who have no access to the Good News of Jesus and therefore have no opportunity to enjoy Him as we do. At our core, TCC wants to see the Gospel saturate the world as the waters cover the sea. From Genesis to Revelation we can clearly see God’s plan to have worship from every family, tribe, nation, and language group. We also see that He chooses to use His children to accomplish this task. Just as we aim to make disciples, be a healthy local church, and plant more healthy churches here in the greater Monroe region in the everyday stuff of life, we must do the same among these Unreached People Groups. We do this by being a sending church. Just as the Father sent Jesus and Jesus sends us with His very Spirit for this task, so we want to reflect Him in our sending, by going and gathering joyful worshippers from every tribe and tongue and for those of us who do not go, we participate by sending church planters to these peoples.

Wanci People Work

The Crossing Church, along with several other local churches across the states, have adopted the Wanci people. Our point of access is one of our own families who have been trained, equipped and are now actively pursuing the following goals. We want to see a healthy local church planted among them. This work includes learning 2 languages, building relationships, evangelizing in the mother tongue, making disciples, training future indigenous church leaders, installing local elders, and translating the Bible. 

This country like many where the remaining Unreached People Groups live is a closed or restricted access country, meaning it is illegal to proselytize or evangelize. Therefore the 4 families on this team while learning the first (of at least 2 languages) have already begun an agricultural business to bless the people, provide a reason to be there, and pass on economic sustainability to locals. We count it a blessing to be part of God’s story by joining this work and want to ask you as individuals to do the same.

3 ways to join the work:

1. Support the V family financially

Electronic Giving - Put the family name in the “Person or Project” memo line and check the “make my donation monthly recurring” option.

Or by check:

Designate funds to a specific project or person on the memo line of a check. Mail checks out to Global Serve International to:

Global Serve International

2102 SW 47th St. 

Cape Coral, FL 33914

2. Check out Global Serve International

3. Join a PAC Team

The PAC Team (Prayer And Care) is a group of people committed to intentionally praying, caring, nurturing, and advocating for long-term cross-cultural workers both while they are gone and when they return, who are sent by TCC to plant healthy churches among Unreached People Groups.

To find out more about this PAC team contact Corrie Clement via text message at (303) 949-4776