our Missional Communities

You can join an MC to connect with a group of people who meet sometime during the week to learn together how the gospel is to be lived out. This happens through prayer, Bible study, proactive mission work, 

and just doing the everyday stuff of life together. 

We are committed to one another as family because of the gospel. 

We are committed to fight sin together because of the gospel. 

We are committed to live on mission together because of the gospel. 

All of this is motivated by a celebrated gratitude for God's grace. 

Contact an MC leader listed below with any questions you have. 

  • Jack Hayes Elementary MC

    Led by Kendrick & Amelia Banks (click our name to email or find us on Facebook)

    We gather in the home of Kendrick and Amelia for family dinner and/or dessert and coffee regularly. This is a time for fellowship and celebrating God's grace as we pray for one another and the mission before us. 

    Our mission focus is to love and serve the people of Jack Hayes Elementary. Through Kid's Hope mentorship, walking kids to class, playing at recess, volunteering at school events, and putting in some manual labor we hope to build strong relationships with faculty, students, and their families. More than doing good deeds, we long to see the gospel permeate and saturate the lives of everyone connected to this school. We pray God be glorified by disciples of Christ making disciples of Christ.

  • Project 41  &  The Oaks mc

    Led by Jarrod and Jennifer Hawthorne (click on our name to email or find us on Facebook)

    Our MC gathers as family to share meals in our homes and various restaurants around the Monroe area. We eat good food, love on staff at restaurants, bless them with our business and generous tipping, and talk about our lives and continual need for Jesus and each other. 

    We are on mission currently at a local nursing home, The Oaks, where we love on the residents and staff though music, snacks and treats, conversations and a variety of other activities. We are pursuing a relationship with Project 41 to help fight sex trafficking in our area and some of us will be trained as volunteers this fall. 

    Our desire is to be servant missionaries in Monroe that bring the love and grace of God to everyone we meet while growing together as family and seeing more disciples of Jesus created and sent out for the glory of Jesus alone!


    Led by Scott and Kelly Bonner (click our name to email or find us on Facebook)

    We are currently considering the need in our area and seeking God to be led by Him to a mission focus. Join us and start from the beginning.

Join  us  for  worship

We gather to worship on Sunday mornings at 11am 

You'll find us at 220 Desiard St. in downtown Monroe at The Palace. Come as you are! 

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